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Hess, Kim Principal Grades PK-5
Bailey, Michelle Principal Grades 6-8
Owens, David Assistant Principal
Fuller, Sue Guidance
Ratliff, Loretta Guidance

Bedsole, Leigh Special Education
Blankenship, Jill Library
Bowman, Tina Special Education
Burns, Lisa 7th Grade Math/Science
Cantrell, Kayla 8th Grade Keyboarding
Childress, Donna 4th Grade Language Arts and Science
Church, Anthony Physical Education
Clevinger, Elaine Special Education
Coleman, Crystal Technology
Coleman, Rebecca 3rd Grade
Coleman, Stephanie 5th Grade Math and Science
Compton, Reynic Speech/Language Pathologist
Cook, Sandra Pre-K
Cook, Sherry Pre-K
Cooper, Angela Library
Crumb, Richard 7th Grade Language Arts and US History II
Deel, Aleshia 3rd Grade
Deel, Heather 6th Grade Math and US History I
Deel, Peggy 5th Grade Math and Science
Dingus, Sarah Physical Education
Estep, Audrey Special Education
Goins, Angela 4th Grade Language Arts and Science
Hale, Denise 5th Grade Language Arts and Virginia Studies
Hale, Freda 7th Grade Language Arts and US History II
Hess, Keela Art
Hibbitts, Connie Title 1
Hutchinson, Hazel 4th Grade Math and Social Studies
Jackson, Lauralee 8th Grade Language Arts
Lockhart, Donna Speech/Language Pathologist
Lowe, Heather 1st Grade
McClanahan, Anna 1st Grade
McClanahan, Shelly 8th Grade Language Arts
Miller, Ashlee 8th Grade Civics
Miller, Sarah 1st Grade
Necessary, Andrew Music/Band
O'Quinn, Carlie 2nd Grade
O'Quinn, Melody 7th Grade Math and Science
Owens, Debra Music
Owens, Elsie 6th Grade Math/US History I
Owens, Teresa Title 1
Parish, Jennifer 2nd Grade
Ramey, Patricia 2nd Grade
Rasnake, Suzanne 3rd Grade
Ratliff, Cathy 8th Grade Math
Ratliff, Kay 8th Grade Science
Ratliff, Kim Pre-K
Rice, Jennifer 2nd Grade
Rife, Kathy Kindergarten
Roberts, Justine 4th Grade Math and Social Studies
Scott, Linda 8th Grade Keyboarding
Shelton, Amanda 5th Grade Language Arts and Virginia Studies
Stark, Katie Kindergarten
Stiltner, Stephanie 6th Grade Language Arts and Science
Sutherland, Karen 3rd Grade
Thomas, Carla Title 1
Walsh, Pam 1st Grade
Ward, Amy 3rd grade
Ward, Mandy 6th Grade Language Arts and Science
Yates, Valorie Special Education

Blankenship, Mona Instructional Aide
Boyd, Anna Instructional Aide
Boyd, Dana School Nurse
Cantrell, Cheryl Bookkeeper
Cook, Thyllis Instructional Aide
Deel, Evelyn Instructional Aide
Deel, Regina Instructional Aide
Elswick, Tammy Instructional Aide
Fuller, Tina Instructional Aide
Hurley, Elizabeth Instructional Aide
Keen, Tara Secretary
Lester, Jemima Instructional Aide
Looney, Jean Secretary
Looney, Norma Instructional Aide
O'Quinn, Sonja Instructional Aide
Owens, Emma Instructional Aide
Rife, Barbara Instructional Aide
Rose, Casey Technology