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 Please make sure your child arrives on time and is present each day between now and testing. We are still teaching important information in math and reading. It is very important we have them here each day between now and then for their success.


 If your child is riding a different bus home, please send a note stating the alternate arrangements with your signature every day.


If your child is absent, please send a medical excuse or a parental note on the first day your child returns to school stating the reason for the absence


 *******SOL testing Dates:

May 9th--Reading Part 1

May 10th--Reading Part 2

May 18th--Math

** Please make sure your child is present on testing days if possible. Please try not to schedule any appointments on these dates.  


 May 28th--Memorial Day No School


May 29th--3rd grade Awards Day in forum from 2:00-3:00 PM


May 30th--Field Day at Poplar Gap Park


June 1st--Last day of school


***Please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to school to be able to receive your child's report card at the end of the school year.