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Weekly Newsletter

Weekly Newsletter  

Spelling Words:

age peace pencil magic ice digit face gem city large

piece gentle tragic century excite

Vocabulary Words:

Rent vacant tenants deserted examined


Read the Vocabulary Warm Up (pp.213-214). Study your spelling words.


Read the story Birdhouse for Rent (pp. 215-239). Keep up the good work with studying spelling words!


·        If your child comes home with decodable in their green folder, please reread it with them! If they return with a signature they will earn 3 dojos!


·        We will start a new unit this week entitled Let’s Explore. Our new BIG Idea is What did you discover outside today? Please encourage your child to bring in pictures of animals and plants, objects they find outside, or articles stories, poems, or songs about the natural world to post on our classroom concept board!