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Class Schedule  

 Time  Student Schedule Teacher Schedule
 7:40-8:15  Homeroom  Homeroom
 8:15-8:25  Accelerated Reading
 Morning Reports
 8:25-10:00  Math (90 minutes)
 Math 4A


 Lunch  Lunch Duty
11:20-11:40  Recess  Recess Duty
 11:45-12:30 Virginia Studies
 VA Studies 4A
 12:35-1:20  Science  VA Studies 4B
1:25-2:10  Reading (90 minute)
VA Studies 4C
2:15-3:00  Reading VA Studies 4D

Weekly Activity Schedule for first semester is as follows

Monday Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday
  Computer  PE  Library   PE  Computer

Please, have your child wear tennis shoes on days they have PE.


Special Note:4H Meetings

1st. Wednesday of each month

Jan 3, Feb. 7,
Mar. 7, Apr. 4, May TBA

Special Note: Children's Bible Ministries Schedule
(Grades 3-5) only for those students that returned permission forms.

 2018 Meetings: January 17, February 14, March 14, April 11