Weekly Assignment Sheet 

November 27 - December 1, 2017


Reading Story-Red Light, Green Light, Mama and Me (Pages 288-309)




Vocabulary Words (Test Thursday)


*Practice~ to do something over and over to gain skill


*Public~ for all the people


*Recognize~ to know and remember from before


*Automatically~ working by itself


*Perched~ to stand, sit, or rest on a raised place




Spelling Words (Test Friday)


1. pie               6. right       11. recognize     


2. night            7. shy         12. skyscraper


3. fly                 8. lie         13. style


4. pile              9. mice       14. knight


5. child            10. try        15. mighty




High-Frequency Words


1. myself      3. fly


2. try



Grammar~ Comparative Adjectives and Articles


Math~ Subtraction with regrouping



*Every night! Read the story and study for the spelling and vocabulary tests.

*Due Friday! You may pick 3 activities to do with your spelling words this week. However, you must turn in the highlighted activities. 

*Review subtraction with regrouping at home. Test on subtraction with regrouping Wednesday!