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Weekly Assignment Sheet 

May 14-18, 2018


Reading Story- A Picture Book of Martin Luther King, Jr. (Pages 340-359)




Vocabulary Words (Test Thursday)


*Demanding ~ asking for forcefully


*Fair ~ not favoring one more than another


*Laws ~ a rule made by a government


*Graduated ~ to finish school


*Arrested ~ to hold by authority of the law


*Prejudice ~ unfair treatment of a group of people


*Content ~ what is in something


*Section ~ a part




Spelling Words (Test Friday)


1. straw            6. scream   11. strength


2. split             7. sprawl    12. spry


3. scrape         8. sprout     13. screen


4. stretch         9. strange  


5. splash           10. scratch






High-Frequency Words


No New HF Words


Grammar ~ Adjectives, Capitalization, Plural
Nouns & Articles


Math ~ Place Value/Greater Than, Less Than, Equal To
& Multiplication Facts 0’s & 1’s








*Every night! Read the story and study for the spelling and vocabulary tests.


*Due Friday! Write a sentence with each spelling word & write your words twice in cursive.  

*Each week I send home worksheets that we have completed in class. Please take a few minutes each evening to review with your child any worksheets that I send home. By doing this, you help your child review topics that we cover in class.