Weekly Assignment Sheet 

February 26 - March 2, 2018



Reading Story-How to Hide an Octopus and Other Sea Creatures (Pages 80-97)




Vocabulary Words (Test Thursday)


*Delay~ to take place at a later time


*Glides~ moves in a smooth way


*Designed~ to plan or make


*Proceeds~ moves on or continues


*Fade~ to lose color or brightness


*Creatures~ a living thing




Spelling Words (Test Friday)


1. look             6. foot         11. uncooked


2. good           7. brook      12. childhood


3. soot             8. wood     


4. shook           9. hoof       


5. stood           10. hook    




High-Frequency Words




2. warm




Grammar~ Conjunctions & Compound Sentences


Math~ Graphing & Probability / Measurement






*Every night! Read the story and study for the spelling and vocabulary tests.


*Due Friday! Write your words around the outside of a paper. Keep going until you get to the middle. 


*Each week I send home worksheets that we have completed in class. Please take a few minutes each evening to review with your child any worksheets that I send home. By doing this, you help your child review topics that we cover in class.