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Math Games

SOL 7.1
Who Wants Pizza?


Concentration Game

Pair up fractions, decimal and percent values

What Does Percent Mean?

Using Percents

An interactive practice website.

Math Hunt

Find percentages used in sports

SOL 7.4
NRich Mathematics

Different problems and activities

Cooking by the Numbers

Math in daily life.

Fraction Frenzy

Online game practice finding equivalent fractions.

Flight Path

Find the shortest flight path

Pie in the Sky

SOL 7.5
Adding Signed Numbers

Matching Game

Adding Signed Numbers

Interactive Flashcards

Subtracting Signed Numbers

Interactive Flashcards

Multiplying & Dividing Signed Numbers

Matching Game

Multiplying & Dividing Signed Numbers

Interactive Flashcards

Working with Signed Numbers

Matching Squares

Fill'er Up

Online Activity

SOL 7.6
Solving Proportions

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

Review of Proportions

Example problems with practice lines at the bottom of the page.

Using Proportions

Examples with practice problems


SOL 7.7
Surface Area and Volume Exploration

Volumes of Solids

Cylinder Problems

Experimenting with Volume

Perimeter & Area in Decorating

The Case of the Shrinking Garden

The Case of the Shrinking Garden

Interactive Shape Explorer

SOL 7.8
Geometry and 3-D Shapes

SOL 7.9

Interactive Quadrilaterals


Quadrilateral Quest

SOL 7.10
Bird's Eye View

Polygon Classification

SOL 7.11
Scaling the Pyramids

Build a scale model of the pyramids.

SOL 7.12
Stained Glass Window

Interactive Ordered Pairs

Ordered Pairs

SOL 7.13


SOL 7.14
Probability in Real Life


Adjustable Spinner

SOL 7.15
Tree Diagram Problems

Sample Space Problems

SOL 7.16
Train Race

Mean, Median & Mode


SOL 7.17
Proportion Problems

Road & City Maps

Brainteasers, Puzzles & Riddles

SOL 7.18
Population Growth & Balance

SOL 7.19
Power Cards

Finding numbers patterns through factoring.

Pythagorean Puzzle

Domino Number Patterns

Whole Number Cruncher

Mind Reader

SOL 7.20
Algebraic Interactive Flashcards

SOL 7.21
Matching Like Terms

SOL 7.22
Equation Solving Picture Find

Equation Solver

SOL 7.2
Rational & Irrational Numbers

Identify rational and irrational numbers.

Order of Operations

Order of operations matching activity.

Estimation Games

Click on one of the games, scroll to the bottom and play the game.

Estimator Four

Online game that allows students to practice estimating.

Late Delivery

Evaluate the expression and help the postman deliver his mail.

SOL 7.3
Properties of real numbers

Interactive Flash Cards

Properties of Real Numbers