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November 27 - Dec. 1, 2017
Due Date: 12/1/2017
Subject: Language Arts


Donna Childress   November 27- Dec. 1, 2017


We are reading "Shiloh" by Phyllis Naylor

Reading skills - root words, affixes, synonyms, antonyms, 

homophones, and reference materials


"Shiloh" Chapters 6-10 test - Nov. 28th

Homophones quiz - 11/29 

to, too, two, dear, deer, knew, new


Vocabulary test - Thursday, Nov. 30th

1. coward - one who lacks courage

2. parlor - a sitting room in a private house

3. mournful - full of sadness, grief, or sorrow

4. intention - what you plan to do or have happen

5. property - what a person owns or possesses

6. decency - polite, moral, honest behavior



Spelling Words : Please write 10 spelling sentences

Unit 3 Lesson 1 - Test Friday, Dec. 1

1. parlor                                9. camouflage

2. mournful                           10. honesty

3. cringe                                11. fairness

4. lard                                    12. turpentine

5. secret                                13. omission

6. town                                  14. quarrel

7. snitching                           15. decency

8. law                                    16. omission



 ****New Testing Date *****


Study Guide“Shiloh” Chapters 6-10 - Tuesday, Nov. 28


 1. Marty’s dad thinks Marty should do what is legal and take Shiloh back to Judd.


 2. After Shiloh is hurt, Marty’s dad takes him to Doc Murphy.


 3. What are the clues the author gives the readers about Judd’s background. (essay question)


 4. Marty and his mom make a deal. Mom says she will not tell dad about Shiloh, if Marty promises not to run away.


 5. Dad finds out about Shiloh when a German Sheppard attacks him.


 6. Mom saw Marty sneaking food and she thought Marty might have Shiloh hid in the woods.


 7. When everyone goes to town, Marty goes running in the field with Shiloh.


 8. Marty keeps the food from spoiling by putting it in a can in the stream.


 9. Marty thought Mr. Wallace told people about Marty wanting to buy cheap food because Marty’s dad gets extra food on his mail run.


 10. The lie Marty told his mom was he didn’t eat the ear from his sister’s chocolate bunny.


 11. Later in the story, Marty gets food for Shiloh by saving his can money and buying cheap food from Mr. Wallace.


 12. Why does Marty feel both relieved and scared when his mom finds out about Shiloh? (essay question)