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September 18 - 22, 2017
Due Date: 9/22/2017
Subject: Language Arts


September 18 - 22, 2017

Donna Childress    Class work and Homework


Reading - We are reading "Charlotte's Web" by E. B. White

Skills we are working on are: fact/opinion, adjectives,

reference materials, synonyms and antonyms.


 Reading Vocabulary lesson 5 test  Thursday - 9/21

1. fantastic - extravagant

2. complain - express pain;dissatisfaction

3. occasional -for special times

4. approximately - close to ; about

5. ascend -go up

6. crate - wooden packing box

7. advice - opinion on what to do

8. perfume - fragrance



Spelling Unit 1 Lesson 5 - Test and sentences due Friday - 9/19

1.because                            9. crickets                      

2.friendship                         10. commanded              

3.dirty                                11. spinning

4.happy                              12. buttermilk

5.year                                 13. attention

6.fair                                   14. crowds

7.uncle                                15. understand

8.eggs                                 16. replace

                                           17. occasional



Quizzes on prefixes and suffixes  


Study guide "Charlotte's Web" chapters 8-12 test on Wed.  Sept. 21st

1. Charlotte has hairy legs and 7 parts to her legs.

2. Mrs. Arable was worried about Fern and thought she was spending too much time at the barn.

3. Mrs. Arable wanted to ask Dr. Dorian about Fern.

4. Templeton gave Wilbur a piece of string and tied it to Wilbur's tail.

5. Wilbur wanted to learn to spin a web and Charlotte coached him.

6. Wilbur couldn't spin a web because he lacked know-how.

7. Charlotte thought people were very gullible.

8. Avery put a frog in his pocket before he climbed up into the hay loft.

9. Avery broke Templeton's egg.

10. The animals complained about the awful smell.

11. Avery wanted to catch the spider so he hit Charlotte with a stick. Mrs. Arable sent Avery to bed without any supper for trying to hit Charlotte.

12. Lurvy told Mr. Zuckerman about the words in the web.

13. The first words Charlotte wrote were " Some Pig".

14. Mr. Zuckerman gave Wilber more food to eat.

15. The minister wanted to keep it a secret about the words in the web so he could explain it in his sermon on Sunday.

16. Charlotte wanted new words for the web because she thought people would get board with "Some Pig".

17. Charlotte chose "Terrific" for the next word in the web

18. Charlotte called the meeting of all the animals because she wanted them to help her think of new words.



**Book Reports due September 29th.