Mrs.  Denise  Hale
5th Grade Language Arts and Virginia Studies
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week of Sept. 18-22, 2017
Due Date: 9/22/2017
Subject: Language Arts

This is a tentative lesson plan.  Please check your child's assignment book nightly because assignments can change throughout the week.  Any unfinished classwork, goes home to finish that night.

Please check your child's assignment book nightly.

AR--please encourage your child to read 20 minutes each night in their AR book.   


Reading:  discuss main ideas

Language:  do worksheet pg. 3 run-on & fragment sentences

Spelling:  test, Friday 22nd, on months of the year and abbreviations  (the students will write their spelling words for the test--it is not a multiple choice  test)

History:  read pgs. 42-45;

               do worksheet pg. 11 & 12


Reading: do worksheet pg. 26-29 "Snakes" 

Language Arts:  run-on & fragment w/s 6

Spelling: months and abbreviation test Friday;

               words 3xs each 

History:  study chapter 2 voc words; voc test Monday;

               fill in VS.2e notes

              worksheet 2            


Reading: do main idea w/s

Language Arts: none 

Spelling months and abbreviation test--Friday;

History:  study definitions;

               fill in VS.2f & g notes


Reading:   do main idea w/s   

 Language Arts:  none

 Spelling:  months and abbreviation test tomorrow            

 History:  color Indian Language Group map;

                do w/s pg. 44                


Reading:  do "The Amazing Humming Bird"

Language Arts:  none

Spelling:  take months and abbreviation test 

History: color 8 state recognized tribes map