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Mrs.  Freda  Hale
7th Grade Language Arts/US History II/Science
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Assignments - Reading(Archived)
Due Date: 9/5/2017
Subject: Reading

While you are enjoying your wonderful three day weekend, take a moment to check your grades online!  Midterms will be coming out soon and you need to make sure you are not missing any assignments.  I will have all grades updated by tomorrow morning!  Sept. 2.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  READ SOMETHING GOOD!

Language Arts Lesson 1
Due Date: 8/21/2017
Subject: Reading

Parents and Students,

 We will be working on Language Arts Lesson 1.  This lesson will discuss the parts of a short story.  Students should be able to recognize the elements of narrative structure, identify correct placement of Plot Structure Elements on a graphic organizer and correctly identify internal/external conflict using their own life experiences.    SOL:  7.5a, and 7.1e. 

Students will complete a Quick Write about the biggest complication or conflict of their life.

Students will watch a powerpoint presentation on Plot Structure elements and complete a fill in the blank worksheet for notes.

Students will complete a graphic organizer for Plot Structure Elements.

Clicking the following link will take you to a site that will help students study Plot Structure:

Lesson 2 will cover Summarization, and Character Traits

Lesson 3 will cover Nouns

Lesson 4 will cover characterization

Lesson 5 will cover Setting

Week of April 8 2016
Due Date: 4/11/2016
Subject: Reading

From now until the end of the year, we are in REVIEW MODE.  We will be going over all the skills we have learned this year in preparation of taking our Reading SOLs.  We will be taking Released tests, reviewing these tests, and discussing the different skills that will be covered on the test.  This week we are covering SOL 3.4  Roots, affixes, and context.

Week of 11 30
Due Date: 12/6/2015
Subject: Reading

This week we will begin a novel study of "The Christmas Carol."  We will be studying characters, setting, plot and theme.  Students will be expected to complete a story map for each chapter of the story.  We will be working on two writing assignments, one for our writing journal, and one for an Essay Grade.  This essay will be due by next Friday 12/11/15, and will count as two grades.  Students will type final draft into the new writing program. 

Writing Prompt for Essay: A Christmas Carol is the story of a person who is challenged to examine his outlook on life.  Express your ideas about personal change.  Consider the kinds of changes people make, why they change, and how easily the changes come about.  You might include an event that has caused you to change an outlook or opinion about something.

We will also be practicing analogies this week. 

Week of 8 31 to 9 4
Due Date: 9/6/2015
Subject: Reading

This week we are working on Unit 2.  Our skills for the week are:  analyze an author's use of literary devices including foreshadowing, simile, metaphor, hyperbole, personification and dialogue. 

Students will read the story "The Landlady" by Ronald Dahl.

In English, we will be working on Quotation Marks.

See File Manager for Notes

Week of 8 24 to 8 28
Due Date: 8/28/2015
Subject: Reading

This week we will be working on Unit 1 Lessons 1-5.

We will be discussing comma placement and rules. 

We will be discussing Plot Structure.  Students will take notes.

We will read "The Treasure of Lemon Brown," and review vocabulary for this story.   We will have a quiz on the story on Friday, and a quiz on the vocabulary on Thursday.

We will discuss Misused Words #2 and students will be quizzed on Friday.  Students should have sentences written for each word before quiz.