Mrs.  Freda  Hale
7th Grade Language Arts/US History II/Science
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Assignments - Science(Archived)
Week of Oct 2
Due Date: 10/9/2017
Subject: Science

This week we will continue our discussion of cells.  We will be learning about chemicals, elements, and compounds inside cells.   We will have a quiz on this information on Thursday!

Due Date: 9/5/2017
Subject: Science

While you are enjoying your wonderful three day weekend, take a moment to check your grades online!  Midterms will be coming out soon and you need to make sure you are not missing any assignments.  I will have all grades updated by tomorrow morning!  Sept. 2.  Have a wonderful weekend!!  READ SOMETHING GOOD!

Week of Aug 21-25
Due Date: 8/27/2017
Subject: Science

Parents and Students:

First of all this is a BIG week for science!!!  Monday is the Solar Eclipse!  We hope to spend a good amount of our science class outside observing this rare occurence.  

As for the rest of the week we will be working on chapter 1 in our books.  We will be learning about observations, qualatative and quantative, as well as how we use our senses to make observations.