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Due Date: 4/14/2018
Subject: Reading



We will be reviewing skills for the SOL test to be given in May.

We will not be having a vocabulary or spelling test this week.


Monday- 9th--

Tuesday- 10th--

Wednesday- 11th--

Thursday- 12th---

Friday- 13th---

  • Homophones test          



Students will fill in the correct homophone in each sentence.

  1. aisle 6. bare 11. cheep 16. fair

  2. isle 7. bear 12. close 17. fare

  3. I’ll 8. berry 13. clothes 18. bail

  4. allowed 9. bury 14. gate 19. bale

  5. aloud 10. cheap 15. gait


  • April 12th- Reading Night

  • April 18th- Bible Ministries

  • is a kindness message platform for students who may want to post positive messages.


Due Date: 4/7/2018
Subject: Science

We will be studying force, motion,and energy, SOL 4.2

The student will investigate and understand characteristics and interactions of moving objects.  Key concepts include

a)motion is described by an object's direction and speed;

b) changes in motion are related to force and mass;

c) friction is a force that opposes motion; and 

d) moving objects have kinetic energy


We will have a test on Friday, April 6th.  See the section labeled "study guides" to find the study guide for this test.