Assignments - Reading(Archived)
Due Date: 1/21/2018
Subject: Reading

***There is no homework for Jan. 10th-12th***


We are reading “Bunnicula” by Deborah and James Howe.  After we read two chapters, a short review quiz will be given.  Students may use their book for their quiz.  A study guide will not be sent home.

Skills: Main Idea and Homophones.  We will be remediating the 2nd Benchmark and retesting on the skills not mastered in the benchmark.

Monday- 15th--

Tuesday- 16th--

Wednesday- 17th--

Thursday- 18th--

  • vocabulary test

Friday- 19th--

  • Spelling bubble test

  • Spelling sentences due           

Spelling-  Students will write 12 sentences each week.  Each unit is worth 25 points and a final grade will be recorded at the end of each 6 weeks.

  1. unused      6. redo             12. unload

  2. refresh      7. disorder        13. recall

  3. dislike       8. unplanned    14. displease

  4. replace      9. distrust        15. uneven

  5. unpaid     10. rewind         16. rebuild

      11. untrue    17.  restart       18. uncover

Reading Vocabulary-

  1. Analysis- a careful study of something to learn about its parts.

  2. Indulgent- enjoyed as a special treat

  3. Romp- an enjoyable time of rough noisy play

  4. Pendulum- a stick with a weight at the bottom that swings back and forth inside a clock

  5. Subtle- hard to notice; not obvious.

Book Reports- please choose a book you would like to read for a book report.  This book should be on your AR level.  This will be due on Jan. 31st.


The Library is asking for pictures of family/friends that are/were coal miners, dressed in their mining clothes.

**Schedule is subject to change due to the weather**