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Due Date: 12/11/2017
Subject: Science


We will be starting Unit 4 in Science, which includes the SOL listed below.  We will have quizzes periodically throughout the unit and a final unit test.  I will send a study guide home when we are ready to be tested on the material.  We will also be planting seeds and utilizing our greenhouses.  This is new for everyone and will be a learning process for us all, hopefully a fun one.


4.5 The student will investigate and understand how plants and animals, including humans, in an ecosystem interact with one another and with the nonliving components in the ecosystem. Key concepts include

a) plant and animal adaptations;

b) organization of populations, communities, and ecosystems and how they interrelate;

c) flow of energy through food webs;

d) habitats and niches;

e) changes in an organism’s niche at various stages in its life cycle; and f) influences of human activity on ecosystems.