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Assignments - Math(Archived)
Math Assignments Feb. 16-21
Due Date: 2/21/2015
Subject: Math

Math : SOL  2.6

Students are learning to add two-digit numbers with and without regrouping.  Students must also be able to set up and solve two digit addition problems to accompany story problems.

Math: SOL 2.7 

Students will be learning to subtract two digit numbers with and without regrouping.

Math: SOL 2.5 

Students are reviewing sutracting 5-9 from another number. 

Please go over and help your child with any problems they miss on daily assignments.


Feb. 2-6 Math
Due Date: 2/2/2015
Subject: Math

Math Facts:  SOL 2.5                                                                                                                 Students will practice subtracting 0-9 from another number.  Students should have mastered addition and subtraction facts.  They have practiced these facts since the beginning of this academic year. 

Math SOL 2.6. Students will be adding two digit numbers with sums to 99. Students will also begin regrouping.  ( You probably called it carrying when you were in school.  Now, we must always call it regrouping.)

Mth: SOL 2.7 Students will be practicing subtraction strategies.