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Assignments Nov.13-Nov. 22
Due Date: 11/22/2017
Subject: Reading


Penmanship: SOL: 2.11

Students will continue to write in manuscript handwriting.  They will not begin cursive handwriting until after Christmas.



This is a very difficult story.  Please listen to your child read each night.

On Monday, Nov. 13, students will read the Vocab ulary Warm-Up on pages 244-245, the decodable reader "A Force in the Dirt" and pages 244-259 of the story "Tell Me Tree".

On Tuesday, Nov. 14, students will read pages 260-271  of the story "Tell Me Tree".

On Wednesday, Nov. 15, students will read pages 244-259 of the story "Tell Me Tree" and the decodable reader "Uncle Gene".

On Thursday, Nov. 16, students will read pages 260-272 of the story "Tell Me Tree" and the Science Inquiry on pages 272-273.

On Friday, Nov. 17, students will read "Tell Me Tree".

On Monday, Nov. 20, students will read Test Prep on pages 278-281 and the decodable reader "The Green Leaf Print".

On Tuesday, Nov. 21, students will read the poems at the end of "Tell Me Tree".


Vocabulary and High Frequency Words

again                        place                           trunk                       limbs                           stems

minerals                   sprout                         except                      spare                           places

branches                  extremely                    elevations                 moisture                      climates

environments            center                         phloem                     cambium                     strength

carbon dioxide           chlorophyll                  photosynthesis          substance                    sugar

oxygen                     broadleaf                     furniture                   eroding                        release

evergreen                  deciduous                  conifers                     produce                        absorbs

anchor                       breathe                    

Definitions:  Students must write the definitions for these words in their reading composition book and turn them in by Wednesday, Nov. 15.



Students will be expected to locate, decode, read, and spell words with  /s/ spelled ce, ci, and _cy and /j/ spelled ge and gi.


Reading Skill:

Students should locate words such as I, my, and we, in a narrative text to prove a story a word is written from a first person point of view.


Literary Term

Ellipsis is a sequence of usually three dots (...)  that indicate parts of a word or sentence have been omitted.



Unit 2 Lesson 5

Test: Wed. Nov. 15

Test: Fri. Nov. 17

1. very

2. germ

3. civil

4. cell

5. chief

6. funny

7. thief

8. rigid

9. baby

10. grieve

11. cancel

12. place

13. space

14. fancy

15. brief

Bonus: Two points will be given for each word you can spell correctly. 

1. Thanksgiving    2. Mayflower        3. Pilgrim               4. Native American

Spelling words must be written three times in a spelling composition book. Sentences must be written with these words.

1. germ

2. grieve

3. chief

4. thief

5. Write a sentence with the word of your choice.




Grammar:                                                                                                                                                                                      Students will be expected to change singular nouns to plural nouns.


Students are subtracting on and two digit numbers from a two digit number with and without regrouping ( what many people used to call borrowing).


Students are continuing to add two and three digit numbers with and without regrouping.


Math Facts:                                                                                                                                                                                         Students are adding 10 to another addend.