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Due Date: 1/26/2018
Subject: Math

4.5 b, d The student will
b) add and subtract fractions
c) solve single-step and multistep word problems with fractions

4.2 The student will
a) compare and order fractions and mixed numbers
b) represent equivalent fractions
c) identify the division statement that represents a fraction


SWABAT (Students Will Be Able To) Identify Fractions as...

a) part of a set

b) part of a whole

c) numbers on a number line

d) having a numerator and denominator

e) like and unlike (limited to 2-12)

f) proper and improper

g) mixed

h) simplified

i) a division statement


This week we will also be checking for mastery of past taught skills such as ...

LCM (Least Common Multiple) and GCF (Greatest Common Factor)

Multiplication and Division

Lines and their relationships


Congruence and Tranformation of shapes