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Week of Nov. 13 - 17
Due Date: 11/17/2017
Subject: English

This is a tentative lesson plan.  Please check your child's assignment book nightly because assignments can change throughout the week.  Any unfinished classwork, goes home to finish that night.

Please check your child's assignment book nightly.

AR--please encourage your child to read 20 minutes each night in their AR book.   

Monday: ** Early Dismissal **  

Reading: Review Text Structure; Compare and Contrast

Language Arts: Conjunctions Interactive Notebook Activity

Spelling: L.11 Test Friday

Science: Review Science SOL's 5.4 a,b,c,d

             5.4 Science Vocab Quiz Tuesday 

Tuesday: "Twas the Night Before Christmas Play @ GHS

Reading: Introduce Cause and Effect Text Structure; Video

Language Arts: None

Spelling: Write L.3 Words 3X's each

Science: 5.4 Matter Vocab Quiz


Reading: Text Structure: Cause and Effect Group Activity 

Language: Creative Writing

Spelling: L.10 Test on Friday 

Science: Mixtures and Solutions Notes; Video

             SOL 5.4  Matter Test on Monday (11-20) 


Reading: Text Structure: Cause and Effect; Bristol Paper WS pg. 56-57

Language: Creative Writing

Spelling: Write 10 Sentences using L.11 Words

Science: Suspensions; Notes; 5.4d,e WS

              SOL 5.4  Matter Test on Monday (11-20)


Reading: Text Structure: Cause and Effect; WS pg. 66-67

Language: None

Spelling: L.11 Spelling Test

Science: Matter Test Review

             Matter Test Monday