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Assignments - Language Arts(Archived)
Revolutionary Spelling List
Due Date: 12/2/2016
Subject: Language Arts

Revolutionary Spelling LIst


1. Patriots                              11. amendment

2. Loyalists                            12. assembly

3. Parliament                         13. freedom

4. militia                                14. Congress

5. independence                    15. weapons

6. articles                              16. citizens

7. colony                               17. capital 

8. amend                              18. Indian

9. frontier                             19. delegate

10. migrate                           20. surrender

Persuasive Paper
Due Date: 11/4/2016
Subject: Language Arts

We have started working on our first story. This story is a persuasive paper where the students are trying to get the other students to vote them in for principal.

Since this is our first story, we are going through the whole process together. Over the next few days, students will be bringing home parts that they are currently working on. We will be do the story piece by piece in the classroom and parts will be sent home to be finished. When the revising, editing, and proofreading starts, please help your child go over their paper.

I have created notes to help the students with every part of the writing process, which should be in the writing section of their binder.

As well as writing a paper, the students will also be making a campaigning poster. I will provide them with a sheet of construction paper & markers so they may decorate (color,drawings,pictures,etc.) and place in the hall during election week.

The paper & poster are due on Nov. 4th.  

Thanks for your help and involvement!