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Homework Log Week of November 6, 2017

Reading: “The Go-Around Dollar”


Vocab words:

seal, portrait, debts,   formula, counterfeit, emblem, remains, inspect


Read pages 270   to 283 of “The Go-Around Dollar.”


Look up   vocabulary words in notebook and return to school

No School –   Election Day

Read pages   284 to 291 of “The Go-Around Dollar.”




Read “The   Go-Around Dollar.”


Study for   vocab test

Vocabulary test


Reading comprehension test

Spelling   words:

browse,   shower, howl, couch, stripped, striped, married, jammed, named, tried, bored,   noun, loud, mouse, crowd, fountain, admitted




Write   spelling words three times each in cursive in notebook and return to school

Spelling   bubble test


Math: SOL 3.5 – Multiplication facts to 12

SOL 3.20 – The student will

a.          Investigate   the identity property and commutative property for addition and   multiplication

b.          Identify   examples of the identity and commutative properties for addition and multiplication

Write 6s (0   to 12) five time each


Quiz on   Wednesday


Write 6s (0   to 12) five time each


Quiz on   Thursday

Write 6s (0   to 12) five time each


Quiz on   Friday


Science: SOL 3.4, 3.5, 3.6 a and b, 3.8 b, 3.10 c

Life Processes




Study for   test on units 3 and 4

Test on units 3 and 4


Social   Studies: :   SOL 3.3

Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome








Comparative and superlative adjectives











Spelling   Bubble test


Science Test

Vocabulary test

Reading comp   test




§  3rd   grade field trip to the Barter on December 15th to see Rudolph.   The cost of the trip is $18 and must be paid to Barter Theatre by November 15th.   Permission forms and money due to your child’s homeroom teacher by Friday,   November 10th. The trip can be paid in full or paid in   installments.

§  Fall picture   retakes on Monday, November 6th

§  Extra credit   for Science and Social Studies due to Mrs. Ward by November 8th.

§  Second six   weeks ends on November 8th.

§  Children’s   Bible Ministries on November 8th.

§  November 13th   – Early dismissal for Professional Development